Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zig Zag Slimmer : Does it really work?

 Despite the controversy around the effectiveness of many new fitness products and gadgets, some gain much popularity, especially among women, and one of these hypes in the world of fitness; comes the rise of zigzag slimming belts!

But do these belts really work in slimming? And if they do work, are they worth the paid money, time and effort! Find out.


What does zigzag slimmer belt do?

Zigzag slimmer work as corset, it would provide an instant feel of toned, aligned curves and it forces the body to correct its posture, keeping the back erect; but, it does nothing with burning fat.

Although the slimmer belt ad makes it seem like you can through the days of overweight behind your back just by wearing one; the truth is that your fat cells -without being metabolized into energy out of your body- are not going anywhere, they are only temporarily compressed.

If your goal is to fit yourself into a tight dress for a party; it could be useful. But if your aiming for long-turn, permeant solution for your overweight problem; your heading for the wrong direction. We’ll take about the right direction it in a bit!


Other types of slimming belts!

Some belts work as water evaporators, called sauna belts; you wear it around your waist, it provides extra heat to the area, so you sweat the water out, giving you smaller waist line and the illusion of losing weight, but once you drink water the cells rehydrate and get back to their normal size. Besides, excessive dehydration is not healthy.

Other belts are abs slimming belts; these on the other hand promise you to grow your six pack abs even if you were coach potato sitting on the couch, by sending small electric shocks to your abs muscles to make them contact. But this stimulation isn’t enough to grow muscle, and certainly not enough to cause adequate calorie burn.


How to distinguish fraud fitness products?

As a general rule of thumb, if it is too good to be true, most probably it is! I mean think about it; if these belts –or similar products- were as magical as the manufacturer says; why do we still see huge and rising number of obesity? Why isn’t everybody wearing them! Why isn’t everyone with six packs!


The solution for overweight!

Aside from physiological and medical disorders; the secret to beautiful, healthy, toned, and strong body is no secret at all; it is good eating habits, regular exercise and active lifestyle.


Whether you’re overweight, obese, man or woman at any age and would like to get in shape, use TransformMe; the real online fitness service to reach your goal.


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