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What does your tummy shape say about your health?

What’s your tummy shape? Does it look like a spare tier, bloated tummy or is it pooched? Does you tummy shape relates to your health? And are there specific health recommendations for each tummy type? Let’s find out!


Tummy shape and scientific findings

It’s true that abdominal (or visceral) fat has been strongly correlated to increased health risks such as metabolic disturbances, CVDs and type 2 diabetes, in addition to some types of cancer; so your tummy size does tell you something about hoe healthy you are, since – and unlike hips subcutaneous fat- the more visceral fat there is, the higher the health risks. But whether the shape of the tummy itself affects your health and correspondingly has special recommendations for each is well supported scientifically.

Learn more about how the location of your fat storage matters too.


What leads to your tummy shape?

Many factors interfere with where and how fat will be stored in your body, things like:

  • Sex (hormones): Men usually tend to have apple shaped obesity, while women tend to have pear shaped one; hormones play a role in that.
  • Genes: If large hips or spare tiers appearance run in the family, don’t be surprised if you have it too! And it’s natural to see differences in fat storage locations and speed between people.
  • Lifestyle: The activities you spend most of your time doing are likely to affect your body shape and how it builds up.
  • Pregnancy: Giving birth and having caesarian affects tummy shape also, but that can be reduced and reversed by restoring proper body weight and performing a workout plan that aids in getting back in shape after pregnancy.
  • Digestion problems: Some suffer from sluggish digestion and bloating issues which give them a pooched tummy appearance, which can be alleviated by following a healthy eating and exercising habits as you’ll see next.


What to do with your undesirable tummy?

Whether you want to only shed the tummy off, or you would like to set your goals higher and get six pack abs; the recommendations are generally the same; only that people who want six packs need to would really harder!

Regardless of how does your tummy look like, if there is excess fat accumulation you better shed it off; and to do that you need to:

  • Reconsider your eating habits (quantity and quality).
  • Adopt a workout routine (including abs exercises but not for the purpose of spot reduction because there is no such a thing).
  • Avoid foods that cause you boat and sluggish digestion.
  • Adopt new healthier life style habits the get you moving more.


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