Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sit too much? Learn how harmful that is to your health

It is quite known to most of us that prolonged sitting periods are associated with many health risks, but the bad news is that even if you’re performing your share of regular exercise per week; you’re still prone to the risks of sitting too much. The good news is: you can reverse those risks or reduce them. Stick around to find out how.


Risks of sitting too much!

Remember, you would be exposed to these risks even if you exercise regularly; so imagine the magnitude of these risks if you are a smoker, junkie eater and with very sedentary lifestyle. Not so good right!

  • Higher chance of overweight and obesity (less calories burning)
  • Poorer glucose metabolism, hence higher chance of type 2 diabetes
  • 64% higher risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • 15-20% higher chance of death from any cause
  • Increased odds of an untimely death
  • Muscle atrophy (less muscle mass)
  • Poorer body posture
  • Increased waist circumference (affecting shape and health)
  • Increased likelihood of depression


How to avoid too much sitting?

We sit for lots of reasons during the day; we sit for disk work, using electronic entertainment tools, driving the car, eating meals, just to name a few. Although some of these activities are modifiable, such as spending less time watching TV, or trying to use the car whenever possible, other activities –or duties- aren’t, such as 8 hours of computer work. So in order to move more and sit still less, do these recommendations as much as you can:

In general:

- Keep changing you sitting position constantly

- Do some stretching while sitting

- Perform some exercises such as leg or biceps curls while sitting, even with no weights in hand

- Lay down and do some floor sit-ups or whatever exercise you prefer to pump the blood in your body

- Be creative; invent ways to sit less, replace your sedentary habits with active ones


At office work:

- Take a small walk around the office every 30-60 minutes

- Replace your chair with an exercise ball to sit on, its nature will force you to keep moving, and it poses less stress on your backbone

- This might be a luxury for most of us, but if possible; get one of those treadmills designed to be in offices with the ability to put your laptop on

- Stand up or walk around when talking on the phone


Have other suggestions to share people on how to move more and sit less? Write it in a comment below.











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