Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ladies… Your Body is Your Mirror

No doubt that every lady seeks to look good at all times, big part of it related to how good she looks for the opposite sex. Beyond the fashion and hair style; body health and fitness is critical regarding how attractive you are in the eyes of your current or possible partner.


Fit women are preferred and more desired by men. Since your body’s health and agility works as a mirror flexion of not only appearance, but much deeper personality attributes as well. Check out these reasons that make you more magnetic to men.


8 Reasons Why Men Love Fit Healthy Women

For obvious reason; fit and healthy women are more beautiful, but there are collective and accumulative reasons why fit and healthy women are more attractive than women who are not as fit. Reasons such as:

1-  Women who take care of their body appearance and health show signs of self-care, appreciation, and respect.

2-  Exercising gives you sexier body curves and makes you toned.

3-  Women who work out have greater confidence and self-esteem; if you feel sexier you start to look sexier too.

4-  Fit women age better, have less skin wrinkle and stretch marks.

5-  Women who eat healthy foods and drinks lots of water look more glowing and fresh.

6-  Fit women lead more active and enthusiastic lives. Who doesn't want to be with an active and energetic woman!!

7-  Women who maintain appropriate body weight and develop acceptable body muscle mass and dedicate time for that, show desirable character traits and abilities, such as determination, dedication, goal setting, and time management.

8-    Fit women are physically more flexible.


All of above mentioned attributes of a fit woman makes her favorite and desired life partner. Last but not least; fit doesn't mean too skinny, maintaining proportionality between your body parts along with healthy weight for your age and height is the desired state.

Are you looking for starting a new pattern of fitness, energy and activeness? Start by doing this 8 week burn and shape workout plan while covering the main principles of healthy eating.

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