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How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite!! That annoying and embarrassing dimpling or orange peel appearance -as so called- in butt and thighs, is one of the most common dermatological disorders women complained from these days.

There are so many cosmetic products and devices out there that attempt to overcome this issue, they vary in the mechanisms by which they do that -or claim that they do that-, but this article aims to show you couple of natural, simple and very low cost ways to get rid of butt and thighs cellulite. Before that; let’s get to know cellulite.


What is cellulite exactly! And why it happens?

Cellulite: is a disorder in which adipose tissue (fat) extends through the dermis layer (skin), producing a cosmetically displeasing dimpling in the affected areas. In fact; cellulite fat behaves no differently from other body fat; it is just pushing against the connective tissue beneath your skin.

Cellulite appearance is multi-factorial condition, affected by genes, sex, body fat content (although even the skinniest can have cellulite), age and skin thickness. It is positively related to older persons, being female, overweight or obese, having thin skin and poor circulation in those areas.

Regardless of these factors, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with your cellulite for the rest of your life, nor you have to spend your wallet on it, but you need to pay attention to the following techniques though!


Natural ways to get rid of cellulite

Before any other ward is said, we should tell you the truth about vanishing cellulite; until now, there is no one molecular product, cream, machine, pills, massage, food or exercise that will remove your cellulite for good, even liposuction might have bad effects on it.

The solution lies in the continuous application of multiple mechanisms that together help you to remove and prevent cellulite; among these mechanisms are the following:


1- Local Massaging

Deep massaging every night can help breaking up the deposits of fats and fibrous tissue in the affected area; doing so will only temporarily decrease the appearance of dimpling. With massaging you might use lotion creams or oils.


2- Dry skin Brushing

Gentle daily dry brushing of areas with cellulite, using proper skin brush will help stimulate skin rejuvenation, and this would help having more fresh and new skin in that area.


3- Hydration

Your skin is like a plant, it wilts when it’s dehydrated; and it stands out and seems fresh when it’s getting enough water, so make sure to get your daily needs of water to freshen up your skin. Read more in reward you skin and body with water.


4- Maintaining normal weight

For overweight and obese individuals; maintaining a normal weight can significantly reduce cellulite dimpling, and for that you need a proper diet plan, and special exercises to tighten your skin, as we’ll discuss next.


5- Exercise, and not just any exercise!

Probably the strongest effect in reducing cellulite comes from performing exercises that targets butt and thighs from different angles to tone up your skin in that area. We can’t overemphasize this point enough; exercising is the only way to tighten up muscles underneath skin and push back fats from appearing on the surface.

Find out these  7 Exercises to target cellulite , and start doing it.


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