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What are healthy food choices in action?

Despite the massive amount of information and guidelines about healthy eating and weight loss tips out there, there are some folks (men and women) who would still ask: So!! What should I eat to lose weight and be fit?

Reasons why this happen to people is that some of the guidelines out there are over complicated and difficult to fit your daily life schedule.

But in reality, good eating habits and choices are neither impossible nor difficult to adapt. Here, we’ll show you some hypothetical life-scenarios of eating, drinking and buying foods, to guide you on making the best choices for you to be fitter, healthier, and thinner from inside-out.


The next favored choices help you lose weight mainly by two ways:

-  Either they are less in calories, or

-  They are loaded with micronutrients, and those nutrients help you in releasing energy and burning more calories.

Get Ready to change your bad eating habits.


Scenario #1:

You’re thirsty or you want something cool and sweet to drink, instead of having cup of sugar-loaded juices or soft drink, have a bottle of buttermilk, or choose fresh juices if you’re out, or prepare one if you’re home, use available fruits, all you need is: a squeezer or blender.

Fresh juice


Soft drinks

I cup

120 calories

30 g sugars


1 cup

105 calories

30 g sugars

Empty calorie*, bad for bones

*Empty calorie food is one that contains calories, but offers no nutritional value.


Scenario #2:

You or your family want to have eggs for breakfast, but instead of frying these eggs and loading them with unnecessary fats, boil them, or if you have more time; prepare vegetable omelet.

Boiled egg


Fried egg

 Large egg

78 calories

Less fat

Large egg

90 calories

More fat


Scenario #3:

You’re having a nice evening with your family or watching a movie, you’re craving for a salty snack to delight with, don’t get fried potato chips, instead; how about preparing some popcorn!



Potato chips

3 cup popped

80 calories

Contain antioxidants

28 g (single serving bag)

153 calories

Saturated fats


Scenario #4:

You’re going dining out with your friends, instead of ordering double cheese burger –for example- or other orders with fried ingredients, go for grilled options with leaner sources of meat, such as turkey, fish and leaner meat cuts.

Turkey breasts sandwich


Double cheese burger

219 g (15 cm sandwich)

280 calories

Less fat content

173 g sandwich

430-460 calories

High fat content


Scenario #5:

You like potatoes. Who doesn't! But why not try other cooking methods -that doesn't take longer time to prepare-, such as Baked Sweet Potato, or oven fry your regular potato so less fat is absorbed in them.

Oven fried potato 


Deep Fried Potato

100 g

100-120 calories

Less fat

100 g

267 calories

More fat


Scenario #6:

You are craving for something sweet, but instead of only eating anything for its sweet taste, consider other nutritional values in what you chose, such as its content of saturated and trans-fats that are bad for you, and usually happen to be in empty calorie foods, learn how to beat your sweet tooth.


Scenario #7:

You’re at work, you’re hungry, but there’s neither time nor space for you to prepare sophisticated meals so you can eat healthy and low caloric foods at work. Find more healthy snack ideas.


Scenario #8:

It’s your weekend; it is time to prepare creative but simple meals and diverse salad ideas, which you can find, learn how to do, and know their caloric content in Fitnessyard’s Recipes Directory.


So weighing your available options is critical, but so is considering the quantity and portion size, because eating too much of a good healthy food won’t help you lose weight either


If you still need help in overcoming a habit that cause you to gain weight or hinder your weight loss attempts, come to Fitnessyard's forum and we’ll reach out to guide you through.

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