Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to recognize FAD diet?

Websites and books are stuffed with tempting, sparkling, promising new diet ideas, some to lose weight, others to gain weight.

But do they actually work? More importantly; are they scientifically based and supported by well-trusted sources?  Could applying any of them promote a health risk for me? How do I recognize a fad diet when I see it?

Fad diets don’t ensure safe and effective long-term weight loss, even if they seemed to work initially, so their impact on health is not guaranteed. Healthy diets not only make you lose weight but also promote health.

To recognize FAD diets from others; note any of the following characteristics of fad diets in any new diet idea that you encounter:

  • They ignore well-known dietary recommendations.
  • They promise you massive weight loss in a short period of time.
  • May use fluids instead of food.
  • They focus on one type of food.
  • They require you to pay a lot of money to get it.
  • They use information that is not scientifically proved, or information that depend on very small amount of studies that are not enough to generalize it.
  • They omit food and replace it with supplements.
  • They omit all sources of carbohydrates from diet, (carbohydrates are important for our bodies, they are the primary source of food for the brain)
  • They are very high in protein content.
  • They depend on laxatives, (using laxatives to lose weight not only prevent absorption of fat, but also all important nutrients).

Learn the 7 principles of planning healthy diet to spare your self getting lost in fraud claims of diets.

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