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How much Protein do you need daily?

Protein is one of the three macro-nutrients that your body needs daily in proper amounts to maintain health and well-functioning body. It is the building block of your muscle tissue, and also responsible for synthesizing structural hormones like insulin, growth hormone and insulin growth factor, so learn how to math your protein needs.


Calculate your daily protein requirements?

Protein daily needs ranges from 0.8 to 2.2 g per kg body weight, a general recommendation is 1.5 is fine, the higher the intensity of weight training the higher the needs. So if you weight 70 kg for example, your protein consumption ranges from 56 -154 g/day.

Protein requirements better come from natural and nutrient-rich food sources, find some ideas in top 10 foods that boost anabolic process. But for persons with serious intense training; protein supplementation might be needed.


Read all about choosing the right supplements for you in 5 Factors to consider before buying protein supplements.


How much protein powder to take?

In the previous calculation example, that is total protein intake (from whole foods and powder), and to know how many grams of protein comes from powder, distribute your protein grams on number of meals, let’s say 6, and get the protein needs of 2 meals for example from your protein powder, the rest is natural sources of protein such as fish, red meats, poultry, eggs and oats.

Note that protein powder is supplement (i.e. a diet complementary), so make sure not substitute natural whole with powders, since natural food have many other benefits and nutrients for your body and muscles.


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