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You’re Not a Beginner in Weight Training Anymore?!

Learn how to move to intermediate level

One of the most frequently asked questions by exercisers who have been following a beginners’ program for a while; is how they can move from beginner to intermediate level in physical training?

Before we get to that; two important questions you should know their answers are: How do you know your training level, and When should you move from beginner to intermediate in training? Let’s find out


How to go from beginner to intermediate!

In intermediate weight training workout plans you see differences in the aforementioned aspects of training, compared to the beginners training, all to favor increase in intensity and specificity of your training:

  • Frequency of training:

General training days (cardio and strength) per week depend on your goals, but stick to 3-5 days to see results. Strength training frequency is 3-4 days per week, and never more than 2 consecutive days in a row.


  • Splitting:

Whereas beginners usually train the whole body in each weight training day; intermediates go for splitting; i.e. training certain muscle groups or body parts each workout thought the week. For example: training upper body and lower body in different workouts.

See this example of an intermediate workout plan.


  • Exercises and number of them

Choose 4-6 exercises per workout, (beginners usually use more, like 8-12). Check out fitnessyard’s exercise directory.


  • Sets

Perform 2-3 sets for each exercise.


  • Repetitions

Perform reps within the range of 6-12 reps, and choose the lower end of the range (while increasing training loads), if you want to increase the training intensity toward increasing muscle mass.

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  • Training loads

Use loads that bring about fatigue at the end of the desired number of reps, or use 1RM.


Now you can use workout plan builder to put your plan together.

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