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Why fitness Industry spending millions to keep this secret?!

In globalization multimedia age we are all exposed to multiple and powerful media and marketing brainwash that touches all aspect of life, unfortunately, health and fitness has the lion share of myths and false allegations, not a day passes without hearing about a new diet, magical pill, celebrity workout plan, revolutionary supplement, etc … Sadly most of those are fraud and in best case misleading and might damage your health.

In this article we are explaining fitness industry main myths and the rational behind it, how to avoid falling into those traps and introducing a solution to this dilemma. 


1.  You can get by celebrity body by diet only:

Embrace diet only will not and will never work for anybody seeking a healthier and sustainable fit body! In fact it will do you the opposite.

Body acts on a very simple equation, simply what you eat a valued in calories against what your body expend to sustain your daily lifestyle. If you starve your body in order to create deficiency in your caloric intake to lose weight; your body will attack your highest protein reserve and the easiest to break “your muscles”. You most certainly will lose weight, BUT from a precious hard earning tissues that basically burns the most calories and leaving your fat reserve intact. Consequently, makes the problem worse. As you progress through your diet plan your body will need less and less calories (since you’re losing muscles) and eventually you will reach to a stage (if have enough well power and discipline to deprive your body) where your body is fatigued and starved this is where most of people break their diet and return to their old habits.


Mark my words, as soon as you break your diet your body will fight to gain back the weight starting to store most of what you eat. Therefore, gaining weight again and this time it’s a fat weight which is the worst (this what we call yoyo diet)


2.  You can get a perfect body with exercise only:

Although exercise is an excellent start but the truth if you don’t combine it with a balanced diet plan it is worthless time consuming and very frustrating. Any exercise plan should be integrated to a matching diet plan to achieve a certain personnel objective wither losing weight or building muscle having fitness model body or bikini body having exercise and diet that fits your body working with you not against you is certainly the way to go.

3.  I’ve seen a commercial about an excellent diet plan it should get me to my objective:

Neither workout nor diet - one program fits all programs - will work since every human body has its own unique characteristics and body composition, therefore the one workout one diet plan approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Different body types and composition needs its own program its own workout plan and diet plan, these plans should be built based on body characteristics and personal objectives, and also must be dynamic and evolves along with body’s evolution, that’s why celebrities hire personal trainers and nutritionists at the first place.

An Important fact to remember different bodies reacts to nutrients differently, therefore what works for a person dose not necessities it will work for you! Some nutritionist will leave no room for chance nor trial and error the will demand you to do food tolerance tests before prescribe a diet plan.

4.  Magical pills

Fitness industry and Pharmatcial companies are spending        billions in research and development to come up with the overrated and long promised magical pill but until this moment Non-been produced. All fat burners fat lose supplements exists on shelf today are over promising and dose not deliver according to their allegations! Furthermore, some proved to be harmful and health damaging substance.

Hard truth, Fitness is a multi billion industry, marred by loads of myth and allegations and over promises. Fortunately, we have crafted the best fitness engine in existence Transform Me.

Transform Me is a scientific proven engine that formulates a cohesive diet and exercise plan that is specific to your body and objective in a way that no 2 individuals have the same plan. Transform Me and on a weekly basis processes your body composition information food tolerance your fitness level, fitness experience and keep adapting to your progress until you achieve and sustain your objective.

Now your more enlighten you can recognised what work for you with the right knowledge and disciple you can achieve your.


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