Thursday, April 9, 2015

When to shift from beginner to intermediate to advanced?

Between going through a state of plateau with your training results and entering a state of over-training; comes the importance of distinguishing the best time to move your training level. But wait; how do you tell if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter so that you know it's time to move forward? Find out your level first, and then keep on reading to figure out the "when".


There are multiple approaches used to out there know when it’s time to step up your training level in weight training; some follow The Time Approach, meaning to change your workout routine after you finish certain amount of time performing a beginner routine. Others use The Strength Level Approach, meaning to change the routine once your strength goals are achieved (such as squatting or deadlifting certain amount of weight).


While both approaches might work for many, they have a common flaw which is; if the beginner workout plan still works, why change it?! Meaning that if the current plan still delivers results and the progress is continuous toward you goals, whether losing fat, building muscles or gaining strength; there is no need to change it.


Here come the best option which is The Progress Approach; once you start seeing significant and continuous drop in progress -by monitoring these progress markers-, that’s when you know that you need an intermediate workout plan.

Now, know how to develop your beginner workout plan to intermediate one.

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