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What to Look for Before Hiring a Personal Trainer!

OK, you thought about hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your goals, and found that most of these 6 sings you need a PT apply to you, so you decided to go for it; now how do you choose the best PT for you? What should you be looking for in him/her? Find out here.

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1- Credentials

This point has to be listed first for its importance; don’t be afraid to ask about the type, source, and date of you PT candidate’s certifications and whether or not he’s up to date with latest news in the field. Choose trainers with credentials from trusted and know facilities, and those who continuously work on themselves, because fitness info has high turnover rate.


2- Experience

A pelletizes biceps are not a good indication of training experience on their own, ask about experience as a trainer (better be at least 2 years), and even better, try to contact previous clients or gyms who worked with him, to hear from them about the trainer.


3- Personality

A PT could have the necessary certificates and experience you need, but you still might face hard time communicating together; personality differences have huge impact on your compliance with training. So make sure to interview the PT, talk and ask questions; here comes the importance of a trail session.

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4- A trial session

Test the water before you jump in, ask for a free trial session or at least a discount one before you sign for multiple sessions, this is a great chance to see his training method,


5- Training cost

The cost of a PT session varies greatly among geographic areas, trainers, gyms etc. from 20$ to more than 100$ an hour, so ask about the average cost of a PT session in your area to avoid being scammed, make sure that you clearly understand the feeing strategy. Don’t be shy to bargain, ask for packages or offers.


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