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The Most Common Mistakes While Exercising

Building muscles and getting a toned sexy body are the most important reasons for most of people to begin exercising to achieve their fitness goal.

Whether you want to bulk up, get six packs, enhance your chest, or reach any other fitness goal, you should follow the right way to do your exercises to avoid any physical and injury on your body.


Hence we care to let you know the most common exercise mistakes that you might to do at gym or home, we provide you with a list of these exercises to maintain your safety.


1- Deadlift

This exercise works on your lower back, Glutes, Hamstrings muscles and Traps, in addition to forearms and calves.

Exercise mistake: Curving the back while lifting.



2- Dumbbell Biceps Curl

This exercise amplify and tighten your biceps, in addition to your forearms and shoulder

Exercise mistake:  Leaning backwards while lifting dumbbells.




3- Squats

This exercise  helps you tone up your lower body muscles, such as Quads, Glutes, Hips, Hamstrings muscles in addition to middle back, Abs and Waist muscles,

Exercise mistake: knees level beyond toes.




This exercise works on your abs and waist muscles.

Exercise mistake: Tuck on neck to raise head by hands.



5-Push Up

This exercise strengthen Chest, Shoulder, Triceps and Quads muscles.

Exercise mistake: Failure on maintaining body straightness from head to toe.



Simple exercise for lower body muscles such as Quadriceps, Calves, Glutes and Hamstrings.

Exercise mistake: Moving knee inside or outside while exercising.



7-Lying Leg Raises

This exercise tighten lower Abs, Waist, Hips and Thighs Muscles.

Exercise mistake: Knees bent, failure to maintain legs straightness while lifting.



8-Chest Press

This exercise works on strengthen chest, triceps and shoulders muscles

Exercise mistake: Excessive arching of the back.



So what now? Do you have questions around correct exercise performance?

Name any exercise you want to learn how to do at fitnessyard forums




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