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Testosterone replacement therapy vs natural boosters


If you’re one of those guys seeking a testosterone boost to get bigger results out of your strength training at the gym, or just hoping for other benefits that good testosterone level offers; know the difference between the two common ways of boosting T in the body, so you make the right decision on which way is best for you.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • Is legally created in a laboratory environment, by scientists, taken for medical reasons to correct hormone deficiency or counter a number of health-related issues.
  • Can be purchased with a medical prescription by physicians, they are not for over-the-counter use.
  • Advantages: improve symptoms of coronary artery disease, enhance endothelial function, reverse some of metabolic syndrome abnormalities, reduce depression, and boost sexual drive and libido, among others.
  • Side effects (when abused): it could cause sleep apnea, congestive heart failure, impotency, depression, shrinking of testicles, triggering prostate cancer, abnormal hear growth, gynecomastia (male development of large mammary glands), liver cancer, acne and bad temper.
  • The medical prescription by doctors isn’t enough for bodybuilders how seek more T, which make them abuse with much more doses, and jeopardize them to its harmful side effects.


Note that T replacement therapy is for persons with lower-than-normal T levels (hypogonadism), so it is only allowed by medical prescription, and many sports committees bane its use and considered it illegal when detected in athletes’ bodies. You can know if you have low T levels by making a test and visiting the doctor for evaluation.


It is worth to mention that taking testosterone without medical supervision returns with catastrophic results, since in males it could cause:

  • The appearance of feminine characteristics such as gynecomastia.
  • Fluid retention.
  • Transforming of T into estrogen (which is feminine hormone) by amortization process.
  • Faster baldness.


And in females it could cause:

  • Manly characteristics such as hair on face and on unusual places.
  • Baldness in the back of the head.
  • Permanent voice change.
  • Muscle growth that similar men’s muscles


Note: We don’t recommend any one to take steroids hormones for the purpose of bodybuilding, there are natural ways to boost up testosterone without any undesired side effects. And for those who suspect in T deficiency in their system; they better consult a doctor about that.


Natural Testosterone Boosters/ Motivators

  • Are nutritional supplements made from natural ingredients, which claim to boost production of testosterone or improve its bioavailability; taken to optimize the body's production and use of testosterone, rather than seeking to replace it, as in T replacement therapy.
  • Doesn’t need medical prescription to take, they are considered safe for most men.
  • Advantages: improved lean muscle mass, less body fat, firmer erections, better drive, more concentration, higher energy, and above all; no expose to some of the potentially dangerous side effects of T replacers.
  • Side effects and disadvantages: the worst that could happen from using natural T motivators is their ineffectiveness, but abusing them could result in undesirable side effects based on the ingredients in them. In addition to the fact that they don’t impose the transformation of T into estrogen as injectable hormones does.
  • Many of the T boosting supplements in the market today are waste of money and effort, since they don’t deliver the benefits that they claim to give.


Check out these 6 natural ways to boost testosterone. If you have any question or addition to this topic, share it with us in a comment bellow.




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