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6 Ways to naturally boost testosterone

The Idea of taking or doing anything that boosts up testosterone levels is attempting for anyone who’s interested in building up more muscles; since testosterone is related to increasing protein syntheses, and hence muscle tissue.

But before you jump on to the next supplements market to buy some; take some time to familiarize yourself with natural and effective ways of boosting up your testosterone levels.


First Things First: Get to Know Testosterone (T)

Since increasing T level is your interest, you’re advised to acknowledge yourself with the minimum knowledge about what testosterone is , where it’s produced and its functions in the body.


6 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Now to the part you have been longing to get to; know how you can naturally boost your testosterone levels –and by naturally we mean by the safest way possible without side effects-.


1- Lift heavier weights

Increase in serum T is one result of heavy resistance training, and according to the official textbook of the ISSA; “using a resistance of 85-95% of 1RM will increase testosterone levels more than other resistance loads. Learn how to calculate your 1RM.


2- Eat what your Test needs

Production of T as well as all hormones and enzymes in your body requires the availability and balance in availability of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals; and any deficiencies in them will affect –in one way or another- T production. So make sure to consume balanced meals that match your body needs, which include enough of high quality protein.


3- Combat stress

Study shows linkage between high level of stress hormone cortisol and blocking testosterone's influence, and so, high stress levels will not serve your T well. Living a peaceful lifestyle is a luxurious option for many of us, but there are ways that you can do to de-stress your life, apply as many of them as possible.


4- Lose the extra fat

Recent studies indicate that low testosterone levels are strongly correlated with obesity and the metabolic syndrome in men, but the evidence on what leads to what is still under investigation; some say that obesity causes men’s testosterone levels to drop, as aromatase in adipose tissue converts testosterone to estrogen. And others say the opposite; that falling testosterone levels predict (and cause) development of obesity and the metabolic syndrome.


5- Do HIIT

In a study in which free testosterone hormonal responses were compared between high-intensity interval exercise and steady state endurance exercise in endurance trained males; findings suggest that HIIT might produce a more pronounced turnover of free testosterone than steady form of exercise.


6- Take natural testosterone boosting supplements

The use of T boosting supplements especially by bodybuilders has been common lately for their possible and -sometimes- proven benefit; get to know some of the most common types of them in this article .


As mentioned earlier; those were natural ways to boost T levels, and they differ from the use of scientific compounds to increase testosterone, which is called testosterone replacement therapy. Know the difference between the two ways in this article .




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