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6 Myths and Truths around 6 Packs

Whether you’re planning to get six packs in the fastest way possible, or you’re already striving for six packs for long time and not seeing any good results; you better acknowledge these common myths around six packs to avoid falling for them, or wasting your time and efforts because of them.

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Myth #1 Abs Workout Can Compensate for Bad Diet

Truth: No it doesn't. Even if you bust yourself in workouts, your six packs won’t show if they are covered with layers of fat, nor they will grow with junky foods and poor eating habits. A well designed diet with the right quantities and quality of foods is inevitable for great looking abs.


Myth #2: Carbs and Abs are Enemies

Truth: It is a common misunderstanding that you have to cut down carbs in order to reveal your six packs. You Don’t. Carbs are important component of healthy diets, you can still enjoy them, but you need to watch the portion you eat and to consume the right source of carbs, (usually they are the most natural and less manufactured ones), such as whole grains, oats, fruits and veggies.


Myth #3: There is One Best Abs Exercise

Truth: Some people out there vote for crunches, others vote for sit-ups as the best abs exercise, but the truth is: you need a wide variety of exercises that do and don’t target your abs, sticking to one workout over and over again won’t give you results as in practicing exercises that work and strengthen your abdomens in addition to your whole body.

Find out many exercises that target abdominal area.


Myth #4: A Lot of Training is Required, the More the Better

Truth: You don’t have to become a gym rat to get six packs, for example; 20 minutes of HIIT cardio training would give you better benefits than one and half-hour low intensity treadmill walk. Plus; abs –like any other muscle of yours- need rest time to recover between training days, rest is crucial for muscle growth just as training itself. 

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Myth #5: Only Strength Exercise Do Abs, Not Cardio

Truth: While strength training is responsible for stimulating muscle tissue growth, cardio training increases blood vascularization and nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles (which are important for muscle growth and functioning), add to that that cardio will help you burn more fat in your body, hence in your abs as well.


Myth #6: Certain Foods can Make Six Pack Abs

Truth: There are foods that boost metabolism and fat burning, but when they do, they do it for the whole body, part of it your abs, not only abs. There are no foods that target fat burning in specific body place. The same principle applies for fat burning supplements.



A combination of wide range of exercises types and intensity, food quantity, quality, in addition to determination is needed for you to get the “dream six pack” you eager for. But once you get your 6 packs your job is not done; No its not! You should be consistent with what you have done to maintain your hard earned abs, as the old saying implies “Use it or Lose it”.


Now that you know about the most common myths and truths around gaining six packs, learn How to get six pack abs the right way.

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