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6 Important Bodybuilding Don’ts

Body building requires a lot of commitment, determination and correct knowledge to achieve best results. Here are some Highly Important Don’ts; things that you should never ignore in body building process.


1)   Don’t work out randomly.

Having a plan is THE MOST important element in achieving any goal, so don’t work out on random schedules or random types and weight of work outs.

Always make a plan previoused by well knowledge about what suits you, Fitnessyard helps you out by providing Workout Plan Builder.

2)   Don’t start without warming up.

Warming up is inevitable before working out, why?

-   To avoid yourself Injuries and quick fatigue.

-   To prepare your muscles for contractions and your mind to focus.

-   To increase your blood circulation and oxygen and nutrients delivery to tissues.

3)   Don’t use too much weight.

Using too much weight before you are ready for it can or will cause you injury to muscle tissue, hernia, dislocate or even a break if you were reckless.

4)   Don’t add weight too quickly.

Rushing your muscles into more weight than they are prepared for will not give you what you are wishing for, be reasonable and take your coach’s advice in how much and when to increase weights you lift.

5)   Don’t repeat the exact work out every time.

Our bodies are highly adaptive, so what used to be stressful exercise becomes almost like a habit, so in order to challenge your body into the next level, you need to do different exercises every once a while, and increase the level of intensity, frequency and duration wisely.

6)   Don’t forget to always hydrate.

You lose water through sweat (to prevent over heating) and the respiratory tract in addition to losses through urine and gastrointestinal tract.

 Your body has a magnificent way to retain water balance through increasing urine concentration, thirst mechanism and re-absorption from digestive tract, but unless you re-hydrate constantly you get into dehydration which decrease your capacity to do muscular work, because the body relies on watery fluids for all its activities.

When is the best time to drink water?

You should re-hydrate before, during and after exercise and throughout the day to insure best results.

To know more about water's benefits for your body, read Reward your skin and body with water.

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