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5 Reasons why morning workouts are best

Scheduling workouts timing can be tricky thing to do, especially with our busy, rushed lives these days. And in case you are wondering when the best time to exercise in the day; here are 5 good reasons why you better consider morning workouts.


1- Equipment availability

Have you ever tried the gym during peak hours, usually between 5 and 8 p.m. in weeknights, and midmornings on the weekend? Pretty crowded yea! That’s due to the fact that these times usually fit most peoples’ schedules, gyms are usually crowded then, which could disturb your workout routine if you have to wait for an available treadmill, or a turn on smith machine to do your squat set.

Mid-afternoon to early evening workout on the other hand, is difficult for most of us; that’s why morning workout is preferred.


2- Energy and focus

Until now, there is no evidence suggesting that working out at certain time of the day would offer you better health results or more fat burn for that matter. But timing could affect how you feel about exercising. In the morning; you would have a clear mind, higher energy, power and focus, before stress and pressure comes along the rest of the day.


3- Commitment

People who exercise early in the morning are often more capable of committing to their workout plan. And that’s because morning exercises offers the advantage of doing your training before any unexpected responsibility jump in your way, such as extra working hours, family issues, or simply feeling too exhausted to exercise after a long tiring day.


4- Work productivity

Some folks think that working out before hitting to work would make them get tiered faster, but reality is the opposite of that. By boosting your body with exercise energy from the day’s beginning –and a shower after that- you will feel more confident, energized, creative and lively to go with the rest of your day needs.


5- Sleep quality

For those who complain from their inability to sleep well at night; exercise in general have been proven to improve sleep quality at night, but morning workouts in specific -especially when compared with late exercising- will improve your sleep without jeopardizing it with alertness that usually follows training.


It is worth to mansion that if exercising in the morning doesn’t suit your lifestyle and responsibilities; exercising at other times of the day also gives you benefits, so whatever the case, the important thing is to exercise and to be consistent with it.

Do you have other good reasons for morning workout? Share us your thoughts in a comment below or post your fitness questions if you have any on fitnessyard’s forum to get their answers.

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