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13 Fitness Gifts Ideas

gym workout tips Whether you were wondering on what to get for your fitness-addict friend or spouse, or want to use the gift as a mean to encourage a beloved one to start a fitness transformation journey; here are 13 ideas for nice and usable fitness gifts that would show your love and support for change.


1- Pedometer

Also called a step counter; it is a small device that counts the number of steps a person walks. It is used to estimate how active you are, or to set a specific goal for walking, and by that; it is a motivational tool for moving more. Great gift for anyone, especially elderly people.


2- Bluetooth earbuds

This a convenient gift for someone to enjoy his physical training without being annoyed and disturbed by headphones wires while moving around. Some of these come even within ear-warmer for exercising in cold weather.


3- Motivational bracelet or necklace

A gift especially convenient for fitness-loving girls; be creative in writing motivational quotes or favorite words on them, some Jewelry shops offer designing Jewelry pieces in shapes you desire.


4- Stylish cooling-bandanas

Sporty bandanas are extremely useful for blocking head-sweat from draining on your face, or to keep your hair from annoying you while exercising, they come in many colors and designed for both sexes.


5- Favorite exercise equipment

Maybe you heard your friend thinking about buying or needing for certain exercise equipment to spice up his/her training routine; so getting that equipment would be a nice gesture. Get some ideas for some necessary home exercise equipment.


6- Exiting fitness book

If your friend is a reading buddy and looking for learning new healthy recipes, cooking advices, or get motivation and help on body transformation; get him/her a nice and helpful book on the subject.


7- Heart rate monitor

Exercising based on Targeted Heart Rate is one of the common and very results- effective ways to do cardio; it is also helpful for persons who must monitor their heart rate during exercise for health and medical reasons.


8-  Jumping rope with counter

A convenient gift for any cardio junkie, the counter adds addition value for counting number of jumps.


9- Inspirational poster

You can be the person behind your friend’s success by giving the motivational support through simple poster of photo frame that he or she would see in their bedroom or on their work desk to keep their spirits high.


10- Protein shake bottle

Protein shake bottle –especially if it comes with a blending mechanism somehow- would make a nice gift that you know your friend would use constantly if he/she takes supplements.


11- iPod shuffle

For some folks, exercise won’t take place without music running; this type of exercisers would love you for getting them this portable, easy-to-use device that can hold hundreds of songs and its battery last for long.


12- Exercising outfits

Based on your knowledge on what your friend likes and desires, you might get him/her any sort of exercising outfits, like: gym Capri pants, running tights, sporty backpack, running socks, cycling shades or rain jacket if he/she likes training in rainy weather.


13- Snacks or meals containers

Snack canisters or lunch boxes come in lots of shapes and sizes, they would help and encourage your friend in preparing and making healthy food choices. Your friend would remember you every time he/she eats.


Do you have other fitness gifts ideas to add to this collection? Share us your thought in the comments bellow.


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