Friday, June 13, 2014

The beginning of my body transformation journey

Hey everyone... I've made the decision to begin a total body transformation of my own, and i want to share my story and progress with you.

First.. I wanna tell you why I got started from the first place

I remember myself being described as "over fat" since I was a teen, I used to weigh myself at least once a week for the past couple of years, and kept on calculating my BMI constantly to make sure that am still in the area of "normal BMI", as if that was a permission for me to keep on my junkie eating pattern, and inactive lifestyle, and preceded on gaining weight slowly over the last couple of months.

But that moment when I found out that I've just entered the "overweight BMI area", I took some time out and thought: "this is no way going anywhere good… it has to stop right here"!!


Diet/ Exercise mistakes I did before; that you need to avoid falling in as i did..

As I lacked proper understanding of diet-weight loss relationship, I got involved in couple of wrong diet and exercise practices that I would almost describe as ILLEGAL in the world of fitness and health; including: Trying couple of fad or crash diets that depends only on two or three types of foods, which simply don't work on the long-term. Using laxatives, which is unhealthy approach to deal with guilt after consuming an unplanned meal.

Omitting meals in order to cut down calories, which actually increase fat storing in the body, although I did not eat large quantities and portions, but I definitely ate the wrong quality of food; quality is as important as quantity for a successful weight loss plan, I also depriving myself from certain foods entirely; which is the # 1 leading cause to diet relapses.

Even when I did some exercises, I would eat the WRONG stuff afterward, since I thought that I earned it after the efforts!! This was just wrong!! Also focused only on cardio or aerobic exercises as I thought that strength training and weight lifting is only for "men", and that it will lead to undesirable muscle bulking. Which I found to be a myth. Finally.. I did a lot of random exercising, when I remember the way I used to train before, I think: what the hick was I Doing?!! A goal without a plan is a plan to fail, simple as that!

What I planned to do..  "and started doing"

After I found out at Fitnessyard the above mentioned mistakes I used to do and diet/exercise myths that I bought from misleading fitness sources, I put myself a clear strategy of what I'm going to do in 3 months span, filled my body dashboard & pinned it as a starting point for me, created a workout plan "which am actually applying"  and started to pay attention to my food portion sizes, adding more vegetables and healthy food choices and cutting down junk foods that i don't need.

My current status :)

During the past week of hard work, I actually lost 1 kg and 1 cm of waist and hip measures, feeling great and more determent to go forward :))

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