It is so important to know your maximum heart rate to set the target heart rate training zones for the highest level of effectiveness and best results out of your exercises, and also to know your heart upper-tolerance that crossing it will jeopardize your life.

Resting heart rate is your heart rate when you are at rest (not under any physical or emotional stress) which is 60-80 beats per minute for average healthy adults is.

Maximum heart rate is the maximum number of beats your heart can perform per minute; its value is individualized for each person based on his/her resting heart rate.

Target Heart Rate is the heart rate range that you need to remain within during training to achieve your training objective, as the below table:


Target heart rate


Get fit

50 – 60 % Of Maximum Heart Rate

Improve over all fitness

Lose Weigh

50 – 70 % Of Maximum Heart Rate

Improve fat burning and helps in warming-up and cooling-down

Increase Endurance

70 – 80 % Of Maximum Heart Rate

Improve endurance and fat burning

Excellent Fitness

80 – 90 % Of Maximum Heart Rate

Improve performance capacity in shorter sessions

Competitive Athletics

90 – 100 % Of Maximum Heart Rate

For athletes to develop speed

Disclaimer: This calculator has been provided without any warranty of use nor can be used to provide a medical advice, it is provided as tool to indicate your Target Heart rate during training.


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Provide your resting heart rate
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