What is BMR Calculator ?

Calculating Basal Metabolic Rate is very important step to determine your appropriate daily caloric needs according to your diet and workout goals.


Basal Metabolic rate is the minimum amount of energy expenditure required for life-sustaining metabolic activities in the body (at rest), such as maintaining body temperature, breathing, circulating blood, kidneys filtering blood wastes, and making new red-blood cells by bone morrow.

In fact, these metabolic activities account for the lion’s share of all body’s daily energy expenditure.


It is worth mentioning that according to health recommendations; even if you are attending to lose weight; your caloric intake should not go beneath your individualized BMR, in order to maintain healthy well-being and prevent malnutrition.


To ease the task for you, Fitnessyard provides the Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator using Harris-Benedict Equation, which is widely used among health-care professionals. 

Disclaimer: This calculator has been provided without any warranty of use nor can be used to provide a medical advice, it is provided as tool to indicate your Basal Metabolic Rate.

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