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Strategies for healthy weight gain

Although underweight and its associated health problems are less prevalent compared to overweight and its associated health issues, many people do try to gain weight for reasons such as:

  • Having certain health illness that force weight loss and want to overcome that.
  • Being an athlete and want to gain muscles and weight and perform better.
  • Improving appearance.


Many factors contribute to being underweight, including:

  • Genetic tendencies.
  • Appetite and satiety irregularities.
  • Psychological impact.
  • Metabolic factors, like having high expenditure on adaptive thermogenesis.
  • Habits learned in early childhood, like food aversion.

So you need to be realistic about your body type and genetic traits, and set reasonable weight gain plan.


Gaining weight for thin people could be as difficult as losing weight in overweight individuals. If you are trying to gain weight there are some new habits you need to adapt and foods to start trying.

Follow the next strategies for healthy weight gain


Strategies for healthy weight gain

  • To gain weight you need to create caloric-surplus diet, i.e. consume more calories than you burn, to set your caloric goal for weight gain go to How to use Fitnessyard tools for guidance.
  • Set workout plan. You might wonder; isn't exercising for people who are trying to lose weight?! Well, you need to adopt training program for 2 reasons: One: increasing caloric intake alone will make you gain weight only as fat, while gaining weight while training will increase your muscle mass as well, which is preferred for both health and appearance. Two: after exercising; absorption efficiency is at its maximum level, so make sure to consume protein rich meal within half an hour after exercising.
  • Consume energy dense foods. Pick foods with high nutrient & caloric content such as: milk shakes and whole-fat milk, avocado, peanut butter, juices, and add good fats to your salads more often.
  • Avoid empty-calorie food. They will provide you with more calories, but they fall short to boost muscle growth and healthy body.
  • Eat meals regularly; at least three / day, and learn to eat more food at each meal, if you have weak appetite eat more frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Have extra snacks. Have more snacks between meals, such as dried fruits, nuts and seeds.
  • Juices. High energy beverages are easy way to add more calories to your diet.
  • Enrich your cooking. Add milk powder, margarine, and honey to your cooking and prepared sauces.


Finally; expect weight gain to take time, ½ to 1 kg per month is reasonable).

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