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Learn How to Use Fitnessyard Calculators to Gain or Lose Weight

How to build workout and nutrition plans using Fitnessyard Tools ??

Fitnessyard® provides you with all essential knowledge and necessary tools to build a nutrition diet and exercise plan to help you achieve your fitness objectives, whether to lose weight, build muscle, tone up, or increase endurance and flexibility, all on one website.

Our team of nutritionists, personal trainers, and IT professionals have built the tools, aggregated the needed scientific information and studies, analyzed recipes and their calories content, and analyzed calories burned during exercises.

By completing this article and Signing up for free in Fitnessyard® you will be able to build professional workout program and diet plan.

There are few steps to follow in order to build a successful Workout routine and Diet Plan:

Set your objective, be that losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles or increasing endurance and flexibility.
Assess your body current status; by taking body measures and weight, and create your Fitnessyard profile to log all that info and save it.
Create a diet plan and workout routine using Fitnessyard Nutrition Plan Builder and Workout Plan builder, to do that; you first need to calculate your daily Actual Metabolism Rate – the calories your body burn while doing your normal daily tasks and metabolic activities.

Then you need to determine the amount of daily caloric defect or surplus to achieve your objective as follows:


Calorie needs to gain weight and build muscle:

If you’re objective is to gain body weight, you need to consume more calories than you burn. It is as simple as that; it all burns down to what you eat when you eat and how much you consume.

One Kilogram of body weight is roughly equivalent to 7,700 Calories (1/2 kg=3850 Calories), eating an extra 550 Calories per day will cause you to gain half a Kilogram a week (since 550 Calories added to your Actual Metabolism Rate x 7days = +3850).

Definitely, there are other factors that influence your metabolism such as sex, age, body (composition, enzymes, genetics, hormones, etc.) but we can consider this calculation as good starting point.

Following this tactic will make you gain weight as body fat only, but for health optimization, you better achieve your weight gain through increasing muscle mass as well, which can only be done by following exercise plan side by side with nutritional plan.

Calorie needs to lose weight:

As mentioned above there are 7,700 calories in a kilogram of stored body fat. So,

- If you want to lose ½ kg a week for example; you need substrate 550 Calories form your actual metabolism value/day (i.e.: -3850/week).

- If you want to lose 1 kg a week; you need substrate 1100 Calories form your actual metabolism value/day (i.e.: -7,700/week).

The calorie deficit can be achieved either by calorie-restriction alone, or by a combination of fewer calories in (diet) and more calories out (exercise), "This combination of diet and exercise is best for lasting and sustained weight loss".
Fitnessyard is the only website to provide calories burned during exercising and calories in food and recipes to help you keep track of your daily caloric intake.

Even if you are trying to lose weight, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that calorie levels never drop below 1200 calories per day for women or 1800 calories per day for men. Even these calorie levels are quite low.

An alternative way of calculating a safe minimum calorie-intake level is by reference to your body weight or current body weight. Reducing calories by 15-20% below your daily calorie maintenance needs is a useful start. You may increase this depending on your weight loss goals.


Now that you know the caloric defect or surplus you need to create, all you need to do is to create a diet and workout plan that deliver the required Daily calories from food and Calories burned in exercises. This is exactly why we created Fitnessyard Workout Plan Builder and Nutrition Plan Builder.

Fitnessyard Exercise and Food directories help you create workout routines and diet programs the way you prefer, be that in GYM Training, at Home, using free weights or body weight, eating Italian, Arabian, Asian, grilled or fired food, once you create your profile and log in your body measurement you will start seeing how many calories your body burn per exercise and calories gained by any of the recipes available in the food directory. 


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