What is CalorieCompositionCalculator ?

Once you calculated your daily caloric intake –if you haven’t already; go to Actual metabolism calculator-, you need to calculate the percentages of each of the energy yielding nutrients in your diet.

Energy yielding nutrients (also called macronutrients) are carbohydrates, fat and protein; which are the nutrients that produce energy when broken down in the body.

Although the overall number of calories you consume is highly important to achieve your weight goals, paying attention to the percent contribution of each of these nutrients in your diet is very important as well, and can affect the speed of attaining results out from your diet and exercise plan, since each of them has different contribution in the energy production and metabolism processes.

Depending on your goal, whether to lose weight as fat or gain weight and build muscles; there are recommended percentages of carbs, fat and protein that help you see results sooner and reach you goals faster.

All you need to do is to enter your daily caloric intake and your goal.


Disclaimer: This calculator has been provided without any warranty of use nor can be used to provide a medical advice, it is provided as tool to estimate your caloric composition of macronutrients.


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