What is your Actual Metabolic Rate ?

Knowing your Actual Metabolism Rate is crucial to achieve your health and fitness objectives, be that losing weight, maintain weight or gain weight and build muscle.

Actual Metabolism Rate is the average daily dietary energy intake needed to maintain energy balance and optimal healthy well-being, it is in simple words, the daily calories your body burn through:

50-65% is through Basal Metabolic Rate which is the minimum amount of energy expenditure required for life-sustaining metabolic activities in the body; such as maintaining body temperature, breathing, circulating blood, kidneys filtering blood wastes, and making new red-blood cells by bone morrow), representing about.

Physical activity representing about 30-50 %.

Thermic effect of food  (the energy expended on digestion and metabolism of food), with small contribution; about 10%.

Thus; If your objective to lose weight, Your daily calories intake + burned should be less than your Actual Metabolism Rate.

if your objective to maintain weigh: Your daily calories + burned should equal your Actual Metabolism Rate.

And for gaining weight and muscle building: Your daily intake + burned calories should be more than your Actual Metabolism Rate. 

Actual Metabolism rate takes into consideration your daily activity, check below table:

Physical Activity Level Physical Activity Performed
Sedentary Inactive life style, typical daily routine activities (using computer, sitting for long times, using motorized transportation)
Lightly Active Plus 30-60 minute of moderate activity (Some physical activity in daily routine; walking or taking stairs instead of elevator, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow)
Moderately Active Plus ≥ 60 minute of moderate activity
Very Active Plus ≥ 60 minute of moderate activity and 60 min of vigorous or 120 min moderate activity
Extra Active Competitive athletes level of physical activity, higher than the very active level

Disclaimer: This calculator has been provided without any warranty of use nor can be used to provide a medical advice, it is provided as tool to indicate your Actual Metabolic Rate.


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