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How to encourage your friend to get in shape?

Even if you enjoy the bless of being healthy and in shape, it hurt to see someone close to you, someone you love and care about struggling with overweight and health-related issues. That person could be your best friend, spouse, sister, mother or father, in which here we’ll refer to all of them as a “friend”.

If you care about this person, you must have thought of helping him/her transform his/her lifestyle, whether it’s couple of kgs or serious weight problem, pay attention to these tips to become part of your friend’s success while maintaining a good relationship with him.


Test the water before you jump in!

Even though you have good intensions, displaying negative comments about your friend’s weight and appearance will probably lead her to disappointment and depression, especially when it comes from someone close.

See first if your friend is aware about her weight issue (is it really a concern over health, or it’s a simple appearance thing), does she mansion attempting to change? If she is aware, then start working on motivation for change. If she isn’t aware, try to turn her attention to the health concern you have for her.


Set a good example, but don’t show off a lot!

If you are encouraging your friend to lose weight, exercise or eat healthy, you better be in good shape yourself. Makes sense! Cause if you don’t walk your talk; the percentage at which your friend would listen to your will drop dramatically. You may also hear “look who’s talking!!”.

But on the other hand, if it happens that you have the bless of great energy and well to live a fit lifestyle, don’t brag about it all day long; since that would give your friend the feeling of a huge gap between you two, and that there is a lot to do to catch up with you.


Offer to do activities together

If you know your friend’s inability to workout alone in a gym, offer to sign up for a gym member ship together, arrange morning regular walks, or any fitness activities that your friend likes.

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Share healthy choices together

When going out together for a bite, instead of aiming for the regular double cheese burger, encourage and suggest trying new and healthier food options that help make change. For example; aim for popcorn instead of chips, fresh juice instead of soda, grilled sandwiches instead of the fried stuff. With time, these would become your and your friend regular and popular choices.


Be a friend, not a judge

Be a listener, supportive and loving, not to act as a judge or police officer over everything she eats and every workout he misses. Instead, focus on celebrating the little success steps he accomplishes, learn about the diet she’s following. Be there if she lacks the motivation, to prevent her from quitting on the big goal.

Try to focus on showing your concerns over health consequences and wellbeing rather weight on the scale. You may also suggest to your friend belonging to fitness societies that motivates healthy weight loss, or using a help tool to stay on track such as this smart mobile app.

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