Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 Movies that will inspire you to get fit

Sometimes it takes only a 2-hours movie to give you the spark of motivation for changing your life, challenging yourself and making a switch in your looks, fitness level and strength.

So if you were that kind of people who could use a kick in the butt to get moving; watch these 7 movies that will inspire you to get fitter and stronger physique, and to desire exercise afterwards.


1- Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Within about three months of hard training (2 hours a day, four to five days a week), and a very precise diet regime, Hilary Swank managed to gain 8.6 kg of muscle to play the role of Maggie Fitzgerald; a woman how was taught boxing by the well-known ring trainer “Frankie Dunn”. A great inspirational movie, especially for women!


2- Warrior (2011)

Life puts two brothers to compete against each other in a mixed martial arts tournament after a long time of family separation. The well-defined 13.6 kg of muscles that Tom Hardy has gained for the role, as well as the good looking and strong body of Joel Edgerton will make any man want to lift weights and train hard.


3- Karate Kid (2010)

A 12-year-old boy “Dre Parker” find himself obliged to embrace kung fu –taught to him by a master- in order to defend himself from being bullied and to gain the respect of his classmate girl; the ups and downs that he faced through his journey taught him commitment and insistence; a great movie to watch with your children.


4- G.I. Jane (1997)

The story of a woman who inters US Navy’s Seals program; goes through inhumanly punishing training regime that has a standard 60% dropout rate for men, all among other obstacles such as sexism; the actress “Demi More” dropped her body fat percentage, gained massive strength to a level where she can perform one arm push-ups with little trouble.


5- Invincible (2006)

This movie tells the true story of 30-year old man “Vince Papale” who seemed to have an empty, no-purposed life until the coach of Philadelphia Eagles announced doing open tryouts for the team. Although many told Papale that he has no shot and he’s old for it, he kept training and going forward and succeeded.


6- Enough (2002)

A story of a woman -and a mother- who begins to train in order to defend herself and her little daughter against her abusive and deceive husband while she runs away from him; an inspiration movie to get stronger; physically, mentally and emotionally.


7- Never Back Down (2008)

A rebellious teen “Sean Faris” in the role of “Jake Tyler” find himself lured into an underground fighting club, and then he seeks the help of a mentor in mixed martial art veteran to train his mind and body, and to win the final fight against his opponent Rayan McCarthy.


Have you seen a movie that worth sharing with others to motivate for fitness?! Name it in a comment bellow.

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