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10 Ways to De-stress Your Life

Every one of us has his own responsibilities and demands for work and family; a certain degree of stress in our lives is inevitable, but there are ways and techniques you can do to reduce stress in your life.

The first and most important thing to reduce stress is to identify its causes; addressing the cause of stress will help you find its possible solutions and hence eliminate or treat it.

Adopt these ways and techniques to reduce your stress:

1-    Meditate.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed, take some time-out. 5-10 minutes of sitting alone, looking away out of the window or breathing deeply will help you step one step-back, calm down and see things more clearly. 

2-    Listen to music.

You know what type of music calms you down and helps you relax, so have these music tracks on your phone or music player for times of need.

3-    Eat comfort foods.

Some foods boosts your mood & gives you pleasure, like a piece of your favorite chocolate or biscuit –but watch your intake of these foods so you won’t over eat-, or have a cup of green tea or other hot drinks that smooth you down.

4-    Move!

  • Have a walk around the block, your house or office to clear your head and get some clean air.
  • Exercise; regular exercising has been proven to raise serotonin (a hormone that gives you happiness), plus it helps in body weight management, improves self-image, confidence and releases the negative energy stacked inside you.
  • Participate in community and charity activities. It will give you sense of worth, let you see other’s needs and make you aware of the blessing that you have in your life.
  • Go out and spent time with your beloved ones.

5-    Spoil yourself.

Make some self-care rituals of your own.

  • Have a massage or skin care session whether at home or care-spa.
  • Prepare your meals on restaurant style.
  • Have a hot relaxing bath.
  • Buy yourself a retreat, or go out for shopping.
  • Sometime just do nothing!

6-    Have green environment.

People tend to feel more relaxed and comfort when surrounded by green sites or views, so go for a picnic every once awhile, host in some plants in your house or office or have nature paints and photos around you. 

7-    Turn off all techs around you, or go away from them.

T.V, computers, phones, internet and all other techs causes stress and fatigue, although this may be difficult to do; but you should have at least half an hour a day without any of these things to regain your focus and mood on track.  

8-    Focus on your Circle of Influence

Dr. Stephen Covey in his book The 7 habits of highly effective people; says that all problems, challenges and opportunities we face fall into two areas: Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern.

The circle of influence contains things that you can change and control in your life; whereas the circle of concern contains the things in your life that worries you, but you have no control upon to change.

So ask yourself, can you actually do something about what’s stressing you? If not, why burden yourself with it?!! Spare yourself the unnecessary stress and focus more on things that you can do something about.

9-    Let it go, or let it out

If your stress is caused by conflict with someone or something, you have two options here; either you let it go and get over it, or let it out and confront it, but don’t keep it crawling inside your head and stressing you out, try to end all day’s pending issues before you put your head on your pillow.

10-  Share!

Some stress just dissolves when you share it with someone, if you are the discreet type of people; learn to open up and talk about your concerns.

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