Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Ideas to eat at home & avoid dining out

Why should we avoid making dinning out a family habit? Eating home has a lot of advantages compared to eating out frequently; it is healthier, cheaper, cleaner, and probably contribute less to over eating.

Here are five ideas to make the process easier:

1. Have a plan

Planning ahead is the most important step if you are trying to stop eating out. It limits the number of times you need to go to a grocery store during the week, helps you to stay on track and not missing you goals, so write it down to get into work.

2. Consider the cost

Eating out is more expensive than home-cooked meals, so think about how much money you can save by eating out less frequently.


3. Stock some easy meals

Consider stocking a few convenience items that come together for quick meals. You will find them very handy when you don’t have enough time or lack the desire to cook.


4. Learn new cooking ideas

One of the most important reasons people like to eat out is that is taste good, so learn to cook new, tempting, delicious, divert type of dishes so it’s more fun to eat at home than going out.

Find your favorite sources of websites, books, cooking magazines and even good cooks from family and friends.

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5. Take the meal out

Sometimes, it’s merely the change of place or atmosphere, not the food that one craves in “eating out”. Consider packing a picnic and heading somewhere else to eat it.

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