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Reasons why you fail to commit to your workout

Whether you want to build muscles or lose weight, it is not easy to commit to a workout plan; that’s what makes healthy, strong and great-shaped body so rewarding and precious; it is not a piece of a cake!

In most cases, lack of motivation is not the problem; you want to be in great shape, you want to be stronger and healthier, the fact that you’re reading this article tells me that you’ve already taken the decision to start a body transformation journey; but the problem lies in the implementation and follow-through of your workout plan.

Here we gathered some of the main reasons that damp your commitment to your workout plan and how-to deal with each.


Reason # 1: Fictional Fitness Goals

“Having six packs in two weeks” or “building massive shoulders in no time” are not realistic goals, it is not that you can’t reach them; but it’s the timeline that is not achievable. So make sure to set reasonable goals based on your current level of fitness and the training program you’re committing to.

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Reason #2: Doing It Alone

Humans are social creature by nature, we enjoy company, and time seems longer when you do things by yourself, that’s why many fitness seekers quit exercising, because they feel bored working out alone!

Plan exercising with your friend, spouse, relevant or sign up in a group class; when you have company, there are fewer chances that you cancel or quit exercising days.



Reason #3: Financial Burden

Signing a gym membership, buying exercise equipment or exercise clothing could hinder you from starting or following-through your workout plan.

But is doesn't have to be expensive-exercise or no-exercise! Be savvy; think about ways that doesn't cost you a lot of money, such as outdoor workouts, membership offers and sales, or do exercises that doesn't require special equipment.


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Reason #4: Poor Time Management

Rush, rush, rush! This is how our lives look like these days. We are so busy and have so much going that exercising is not a priority anymore and difficult to fit in our schedule.

But hay! That is not an excuse not to exercise, start by dedicating a small amount of time to make it a habit, and set training times when you can actually commit to it, and stick to your plan. It is usually difficult at the first couple of weeks, but then it becomes part of your daily life.



Reason #5: Watching the Scale

Watching the scale is one of the leading reasons why people quit exercising so quickly, they only measure their progress by their weight, and when they don’t see the expected results they surrender!

Reasons why this is wrong:

-   People respond to exercise at different speeds, so you may quit just before you’re about to start noticing change.

-   Your body could be under state of replacement, i.e. you’re gaining muscle mass and losing fat mas, that doesn't show on the scale though.

-   There are much more benefits of exercising other than change in the numbers on the scale, such as increased strength and endurance, think of those.


So don’t be a scaleholic! Don't weigh yourself more than once every one or two weeks; use other measures to assess your progress, such as new weights you can left, the distance you can run, the cardio time you can bear, body circumferences, all of which you can monitor using body dashboard in your free Fitnessyard’s profile or use more advanced body composition assessment techniques if available.


Do you have other issues that hinder you commitment to exercising? Tell us your question or issue and we could help you solve it, or share us your opinion in the comments bellow.

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