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How To Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Are you one of those girls who would like to increase their breasts size but don’t want go with invasive solutions such surgeries or very expensive products?!

Well, this article is for you; here we’ll list you some of the most commonly used ways to naturally enlarge and boost breast size.


It is worth to mention that there are other factors interfering with your natural breast size such as heredity (genes), body fat percent and age. And some of the below listed ways aren’t scientifically supported to be effective, so it would be fair to say that they may not all work for you, or may not give significant results, but with some patience and consistency in applying them you could see positive results.


1- Chest exercise

Your breast is composed of glandular, fatty and fibrous tissues positioned over the pectoralis major muscle of the chest, you cannot alter your breasts composition, but you can work on your pectoralis muscle underneath, so it will get bigger and give your breasts a natural support for them to look firmer.

To do that you need to perform couple of chest exercises in a way that stimulates pictoralis muscle growth; do Dive-Bomber Knees push up, Dumbbell Bench Press, Barbell Decline Bench Press, Dumbbell Pullover and Lying Dumbbell Fly for example for 8-10 reps, 3 sets with moderate weights, 3 non-consecutive days per week.

You can watch this video to know how to do chest enlargement exercises: 


2- Gain some weight

This would be especially good for girls who are underweight. When you lose body fat, you lose it from all over including your breasts, leaving them less firmly; so gaining some weight in a healthy way would be beneficial. Women gain fat at different rates and in predominantly different bodily areas, so if you’re one of those who gain fat easily in thighs and hips first; you need to be careful with this.

Find out if you’re underweight using BMI calculator.


3- Local massaging

Massaging can help temporarily in improve blood supply, delivering nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to that tissue, in addition to enriching water existence between cells’ walls giving breasts more filled appearance. Do massaging using oil or lotions in a circular fashion 5-10 minutes once or twice a day.


4- Use herbs

Some herbs have known for their phytoestrogenic effect; stimulating breast-enlarging (feminine) hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Fenugreek for example is usually taken by breastfeeding women to increase milk production and healthy breast tissue; it can be taken as capsules or tea, or used as massage oil.

Other herbs might include Fennel, Saw Palmetto and Red Clover, but it critical to note that you should consult your doctor before using any herb continuously for such purposes (especially if you’re on medication) to avoid herb-drug interaction.

Tip: take your chest circumference every month or more, before and after using any of these techniques to test if they are working.


5- Other tricks:

There are other tricks you can do to give your breasts a bigger appearance such as working on improving your posture, wearing tops with horizontal stripes or embellishments over the chest, push-ups bras or trying some of the naturally made lotions and creams on the market for that purpose.


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