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9 Incidental Exercises you Can Do at Any Time

The thought of doing a full body and lifestyle transformation to lose weight or boost your health level can be overwhelming at first glance, but getting fit doesn’t necessary require commitment to formal exercise plan or gym membership; it lies in the simplest activities you do in your life day by day!

There are tens of activates or movements that if you add them to your daily routine; you would burn more calories (even if they are very little), gain more muscles (or at least maintain them), feel good about yourself, increase your stamina and independency, and even save money. Sounds a good deal right!

Check out these 9 incidental exercises and apply as much as possible of them, more often as you can and you’ll definitely see good results.


1-Do leg curls while standing. Keep your thigh boon steady and curl your leg at the knee whenever you’re standing doing nothing or cooking in your kitchen; your hamstrings will thank you.


2- Pull your stomach in, squeeze your butt. You can do small muscle contractions to tone your abs and glutes whether you’re waiting for your turn in a line or sitting on your disk; and no one would even notice.


3- Do house chores with exercise mindset. Whether you’re mopping the floor, cleaning the widow, hanging the washing, ironing your clothes, pushing, pulling or lifting things; do the activity in an exercise-semi motion. Do this and you’ll feel like doing gym exercises all day long.


4- Do exercises while watching TV. You don’t even need a mat for it, do some lunges, squats, side bents, stretches or anything else you prefer, just don’t sit there as if you were a piece of the couch.


5- Wash your own car, do your garden. Not only you would move more, you would also save money paid if you hired someone else to do it.


6- Walk, walk and walk! Have a brisk walk round your house, in your work break, park a bit further from your destination; be creative with more walking opportunities.


7- Adapt taking the stairs. This advice can never get old. What you can also do to maximize efficiency is to take deep, two steps at a time until you feel your glutes and thighs stretch.


8- Keep a rubber ball in reach. There is some equipment that you can keep in your desk drawer such as rubber bands or balls to do quick wrist exercise or do biceps curls using your water bottle.


9- Do calf raises. Even if you have to sit for work, you can keep blood pumping in your legs by mimicking calf raise exercise or doing foot flexes and extensions.


You see, getting fit doesn’t have to be “all or none”; it is made by achieving baby steps forward. Do you have other incidental exercise ideas you can share with us? Write them in a comment below.



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