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9 Amazing Exercises You Can Do with Kettlebells

In history, kettlebells predated dumbbells’ existence, starting from Russia and Europe more than 300 years ago. They are used to combine strength, power, endurance and flexibility, and are useful for adding variety to fitness training especially in swinging and ballistics movements.

So if you’re looking to try new exercises that build all-body strength and break dull in your routine; add these kettlebells -KB for short- exercises to your training program.

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1- Kettlebell swing

Targets: Legs, shoulders, hips and back

How to: a) Stand straight with your feet bit wider than hip-distance apart, holding KB with one or two hands.

b) Bend knees slightly and push your hips back, while hinging the KB between legs and maintain natural arch in the back.

c) Drive the hips forward explosively (power from legs not shoulders), while swinging the KB until it reaches chin level and legs straighten again. And repeat in a fluid motion.


2- Kettlebell Russian twist

Targets: Obliques and abs

How to: a) Sit on the floor holding the KB with both hand near your chest while your knees bent and foot flat on the floor.

b) Lean your back 45 degrees to the back, and lift your foot off the floor.

c) Rotate your torso left and right, swinging the KB across your body and twisting the waist.


3- Kettlebell deadlift

Targets: Glutes, legs and back

How to: Perform the same deadlift movement only with KB in hands instead of a barbell.


4- Kettlebell push up with row

Targets: Chest, back and arms

How to: a) Instead of placing you palms on the floor as in the regular push up, grab the KBs in a neutral grip, lower your body until your chest is near your hands.

b) Push your body up, and when reaching the top, lift one KB by pulling the elbow and squeezing shoulder blades together.

c) Lower KB back to its position, do push up again and repeat the row with the other arm.

(Do the push up movement only without the rowing if you’re beginner to the exercise).


5- Two arms kettlebell row

Targets: Back and shoulders

How to: a) Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and the back bending forward at the hip.

b) Reach your hanging arms to grab the KB and pull them toward your core, keeping the elbows close to your body, and back in its natural arch.

c) Lower them again to your arms’ length and repeat (You can do it with one arm too, or do dumbbell row).


6- Sit ups with kittle bells

Targets: Abs, shoulders and back

How to: a) Lie on the floor with knees bent just as in regular sit up, only while holding a KB just below chest level.

b) Sit up by contracting your abs and lift the KB in front of you at the same time.

c) Reverse the movement and lower your body to the starting position and repeat.


7- Lift and rotate

Targets: Glutes, legs, back and shoulders

How to: a) Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart with KB on your left side.

b) Spin your feet to the left and bend to pick the KB by handle.

c) Raise it and spin your body to your right side until the KB is at your chest level.

d) Reverse the movement to the starting position, while keeping a natural arch of the back, and then do the same with the other side. All in a flowing movement.


8- Sumo squat

Targets: Quads, hamstrings, glutes and claves.

How to: See how to perform sumo squat with kettlebell with video.


9- Kettlebell sumo squat with pull

Targets: Legs, shoulders and back

How to: Just like doing sumo squat alone, only while you’re standing up; pull the KB and raise it above your head, and lower it again while going down to the starting position.


In addition to these; most of exercises that can be done with dumbbells, can also be done with kettlebells, find out tens of more exercises in Fitnessyard’s directory.


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