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7 Must-have exercise equipment at home

Whether you can’t exercise in a gym, don’t like to, or just taking a break from it for a while, none of these is a good reason to prevent you from building and maintaining your fitness level, strength and agility.

There are many exercises that you can do without the need for any equipment at all –take this amazing no equipment workout plan for example- but these exercise might not offer you enough variety or intensity of training –at least on the long run-, that’s why you -and every fitness junkie- should have these very basic, mostly low cost exercise equipment at home to give your training results a boost.


1- Dumbbells

Dumbbells are probably the number one exercise equipment you should have at home; the number of exercises you can do with them is endless. But unless you don’t mind turning your home into a dumbbell rack, and spending lots of money on buying new ones every time you want to increase your training intensity; you’re advised to purchase adjustable dumbbells, they are more practical for home training.

Look into fitnessyard’s exercise directory to find exercise you can do with dumbbells.


2- Jump rope

Considering its very low cost; jumping rope is an excellent and simple tool to do you cardio exercise. You can also use it in conjugation with other exercises to perform HIIT session that boosts up your metabolism.


3- Barbell

Barbells, just like dumbbells are very crucial for your training program, but unlike dumbbells; they offer you to load them with weights and perform exercises that are difficult to control.


4- Weight plates

A set of plates with different weights is very helpful in easily adjusting your training loads with your barbell. Learn how to determine your strength training loads.


5- Rubber bands

Bands come in many shapes and usages; they are cheap, convenient and great way to add resistance to your exercises. Just make sure to buy one that matches the exercises you want to do and muscles you want to train, so they won’t end up buried in your store room.


6- Exercise ball

It was first used for physical therapy before successfully entering the fitness world. Beside its huge variety; it allows abdominal training to go through full range of motion that can’t be accomplished from exercise done on the floor.

Choose exercise ball size so that when you’re sitting on it, your feet should be flat on the floor, and hips and knees should form at least 90-degree angle with each other. Find many exercises you can do with exercise ball in exercise directory.


7- Exercise mat

Yoga mat (not only used for yoga), is important to give you the cushion, comfort and support to do floor exercises. Choose ones that are thick enough, non-slippery and in the color you love.


If you have some extra space in your home, and money in your pocket; there are many other equipment that come in handy in your home training routine, only make sure to buy those that offer you the results you want, and the variety you need to make the best out of them.

Is there any other equipment that you think is worth having at home? Share us your thoughts in a comment bellow.

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