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7 Exercises to target cellulite

Cellulite is a fancy word that describes a condition in which fat in your butt and thighs –sometimes tummy and arms- extends through the skin layer in those areas producing a cosmetically displeasing dimpling. It is one of the most common cosmetic sources of concern for hundreds of women, even the skinny ones!

Read all about cellulite and natural ways to get rid of it in this article .


One of the strongest mechanisms to discard cellulite is to perform exercises that specifically target that area to tone up muscles in it, and push fat back from the surface. Check out these 7 exercises and do each one of them 1-2 sets, 15 repetitions, day after day and you’ll start seeing positive results within 4 weeks of beginning the plan.


Now keep in mind that your muscle will eventually get used to these moves; that’s why you need to keep challenging your muscles with new ones –like every 4 weeks- that target different angles of your muscles underneath cellulite until you reach your goal of cellulite-free butt and thighs.

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1- Glute Bench Kickback



2- Barbell Deadlift



3- Stability Ball Side Leg Raises



4- Standing Rear Leg Raise - Hip Extension



5- Stability Ball Leg Curl



6- Standing Lateral Leg Raise - Hip Abduction



7- Bodyweight Twisted Lunges



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