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6 Signs you need a Personal Trainer

Are you thinking of getting a personal trainer to help you reach your goals but a bit confused whether or not you should go for it? Here are 6 signs you could really use the help of one.


1- You’re completely out of shape

For you; a PT is a good idea to step on the right path of training, while avoiding injury and ensuring gradual progress out of your deconditioned status.


2- You have very small knowledge about fitness

If you don’t know where to start, how much to train, on what machine, how to perform exercises, what exercises to include in your program, etc. a good PT will give you all that.

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3- You need motivational push

For people who get bored easily, can’t tolerate exercising alone, and can’t find a qualified friend to workout with; a personal trainer is what it takes to get them in the mood and commitment to exercise.

You could also use the help of some chosen motivational quotes to keep you on the run.


4- Your training program needs updating

Have you been stuck with the same training program and fitness level for a while and you don’t know what to change about it exactly or how to change? Heir a PT!


5- Your training for a certain goal

If you’re aiming to participate in a competition, race, or want to reach your goal in a very specific timeline, a PT would help you with that. You would need a specialized trainer in the area of sport you’re in.


6- You can afford it

That’s an obvious one :)

Now here is what you need to look for in your personal trainer before you heir him/her.


Whether you need a PT or not, you have another option, which is using one of the best fitness mobile apps available: Fitmate. It will provide you with all the benefits of a good PT in addition to some extras like: lower cost, portability, precise tracking, easiness and more.

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