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16 Things You Shouldn’t Do at the Gym

Whether it’s in the weights room, cardio studio or Pilates class; there is number of things that shouldn’t be done in a gym either to practice good gym etiquette or to protect yourself and others from possible health concerns. Know these 16 most important gym No-Nos.

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1- Don’t ignore hygiene and sanitation

This should be discussed first since personal hygiene is extremely critical at the gym, it ranges from not annoying others with your sweaty smell (covering it with cologne wouldn’t do it), to throwing trash in its designed place, to protecting yourself from others germs by wiping equipment before and after using it.


2- Don’t give unsolicited advises

Even if you have excellent knowledge about exercising; interfering with people’s workout would probably end with getting you embarrassed or rejected. If someone is doing something really wrong that could cause him/her injury; ask for permission to help, or tell the trainer on watch to do so.


3- Don’t shower without slippers

Have you ever heard of athlete’s foot disease? Try not to walk foot-bare especially where things can spread even faster such as showers, swimming pools and changing rooms.


4- Don’t chat with someone wearing headphones

If you saw someone wearing headphones and seeming focused in his/her workout; that translates into “please do not disturb me, am not open for chatting at the moment”, so just don’t.


5- Don’t lift without the collars on

Using weight collars is important for 2 reasons; to prevent weight plates going off hence protecting yourself and others from injury, and to protect your ego, since everyone at the gym will turn to you looking for the source of that load noise of iron hitting the floor.


6- Don’t lift too heavy loads to show off

It is proven that people tend to put more effort and delay signs of fatigue when exercising in public as a way to show strength, that could be good to push your abilities little bit more, but too much extra weight is one of the leading causes to injury.

Learn how to determine strength training loads.


7- Don’t talk on your cellphone in there

Maybe not everyone in the gym is interested in hearing all about last night’s party or your business plan issues, the gym is for exercise so it’s better to keep that way, and if there is an urgent phone call; make it quick or take it out side.


8- Don’t text on machines or while walking

One: you’d be spending too much time in the gym than you need. Two: you could hit into something or someone if you’re texting and not watching where you’re going. Three: you would book equipment too long if you’re texting on it.


9- Don’t squeeze yourself next to others

Walking or exercising too close to someone else exercising at the gym could expose you to unexpected injury -especially if dumbbells and barbells are involved-, in addition to the fact that it prevents others from performing their workouts comfortably, don’t you agree!


10- Don’t lag too long

Not only lagging for too long during your workout might render the efficiency of your training, it would also prevent other members from using the equipment that you’re stalling on.


11- Don’t come unprepared

This one varies from not wearing proper outfits to water bottle to towel, or anything else that might influence the flow of your workout, time spent in the gym or unnecessary additional cost.


12- Don’t be selfish

You have gym membership, not gym ownership; so don’t book equipment for yourself too long, especially if there is someone else waiting for you to finish your set so they can use it too.


13- Don’t scatter gym equipment

It is lovely gym etiquette to return everything you use in the gym back to its place, even if there were enough workers for that task. Trust me on this, they would notice how neat and helpful you are, and they’ll be nicer to you if you needed them.


14- Don’t feel shy to ask how it’s done

If you encountered a new exercise equipment that you don’t know how to use and would like to try it, don’t be shy to ask for trainers’ help and guidance, that would save you possible injury or embarrassment if your used it improperly.


15- Don’t grunt and groan in there

There is no need to let people around you realize that you’re performing really, really heavy deadlift! It is disturbing and annoying to keep hearing someone’s grunts and groans.


16- Don’t take selfie for every exercise

It is fairly acceptable to take a picture of yourself every once a while to see if your training and dieting efforts are paying off, but that doesn’t mean spending half of your workout time taking selfies of yourself at every machine, equipment, weight rack and mirror, got the picture!


Have you ever seen wrong or improper actions practiced in a gym, other than those we have mentioned already? Share us your experience in a comment below.

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